logo The Japan Plastics Industry Federation
The Japan Plastics Industry Federation ("JPIF") started as the Plastics Association organized on July 1, 1950. As a result of the development of the plastics industry, the committees of the Plastics Association became independent as trade associations. However, there was a growing demand for a federation of those associations. To meet the demand, the Japan Plastics Association was formed in October, 1959, which was reorganized to the present form of JPIF in June, 1962, to be made up of corporations concerned.

JPIF as an organization representing the Japanese plastics industry engages actively in varies activities to cope with a broad range of problems with respect to various aspects including raw material resins, molding/fabrication and management of used products both at home and abroad.

The object of JPIF is to pursue the overall advance and development of the plastics industry, to promote the common interests in the business of the member companies and to contribute to the development of the Japanese industry. Specifically, JPIF carries out the following major activities, while addressing domestic and international changes in the business environment surrounding the plastics industry:

  • Statistics compilation, investigation, and information collection and provision
  • International information exchanges and public relations
  • Activities relating to environment preservation and safety
  • Activities relating to the Containers and Packaging Recycling Law and the Effective Resources Utilization Promotion Law
  • Activities relating to domestic ISO examinations and work as an leading ISO country
  • Activities relating to safety of electrical appliances

Two JPIF Groups, namely, the Administration/Environment and Standards Groups, are responsible for the above activities. For details, please refer to the attached Organization Chart and the Activities.